Write the offer: Before your Dream Home is gone at the Dream Price

house blu cartoonAre you shopping for a home in RAMONA or SAN DIEGO? You are not alone. It seems the RAMONA REAL ESTATE market is sizzling again, at least with more 1st time homebuyers being thrust into this Real Estate Market with the incentives, the “Hot” market now is under $300,000 or in the 1st time homebuyer range. We are again seeing “multiple” offers on homes. We have not seen that in several years. So it is time to shift our Real Estate Mentality back to the sense of urgence when looking in this price range. The “Hot” homes are selling so quickly lately it would make your head spin. My Advise? WRITE THE OFFER, sooner rather than later. And make it your BEST OFFER. If you write it too low you will be outbid and over bid. Now remember, I am still talking about the homes under $300,000, at least for now. With many of these homes Bank Owned, the banks have already done their market analysis and KNOW what the home is worth, So if you seriously like the home, make it your best offer or someone else will. Remember too, the Buyer still has their contingency period to review disclosures. But you have to get in the Arena to Play:) Good Luck and may the best offer WIN!

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