5 Top Reasons to Buy a Home Now

1. INTEREST RATES ARE THE LOWEST ON RECORD: Historically low interest rates that we may not see again for a very long time. With rates so low you can buy a lot more home to enjoy.
2. HOME PRICES ARE LOW: While it looks as though home prices are on the rebound, it appears to be slow going. Now is a good time to jump in before prices climb, while it is still a buyer’s market.
3. INVENTORY IS UP: There is a surplus of homes to choose from: Bank Owned homes, REO’s, Foreclosures, Traditional Sale, Auctions and more. With so much Real Estate Inventory there are more houses to choose from and that means more bargaining power.
4. SEASONAL SLOWDOWN: Take advantage of the Typical Real Estate Cycle and buy a home between October through March. Often times you have more negotiating power because you are not competing with as many buyers. Typically the Real Estate Market sales peak between April through September.
5. MORE RETURN OF YOUR INVESTMENT: Because prices are still low, Real Estate Investors can make more money in the long run. Because you are paying less now, you stand to make that much more over time. With Rentals homes in demand right now you should have no problem renting out the home.
These are my top 5 reasons to buy now.
Copyright Regina Flores-2010


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